Beware Of Electrical Energy Scams

High energy costs often make people look for solutions to lower their bills. While some solutions are effective, others are pure scams that aim to confuse household owners and determine them to make unrealistic investments. Keep in mind that, if a promise sounds too good to be true, it usually is that way.

Who wants “free” energy?

Did anyone visit you offering free energy until now? Some scammers trick homeowners into buying all kinds of contraptions claiming they would generate free energy continuously. What they don’t tell you is that no device is able to generate electrical energy without proper input from other sources. As good as it may sound; the working principle of such invention may defy the laws of physics. For example, if someone is trying to convince you to buy a generator that works with the energy supplied by a magnetic field, you may want to think twice before buying. As a matter of fact, no magnetic field is able to create electric energy. Such inventions break the most elementary laws of physics and it is impossible for them to work. If people acting as electrical contractors invite you to witness a demonstration of how the inventions work, you should address the authorities immediately.

Scam telephone calls

Some scammers pretend to be electricians in Sydney and make phone calls asking residents to provide credit card or bank information to identify them easily. To justify such requests, they claim that there was a problem with a transaction or that such details are necessary to perform a free wiring system diagnosis. No company and no contractors will ask for your personal information by phone, unless they want to use them for themselves. So be aware of such scam and seek advice from authorities in case it happens to you.

Fake contractors or employees

Remember when you were taught not to speak to strangers? Well, here is an even better piece of advice: don not let strangers in your home, regardless who they claim to be. Check for logos on clothes and ask for IDs. Then check with the company that supposedly sent them and confirm their identity. You can never be too careful.

Intensity reduction device scam

This scam works as follows: someone knocks on your door and offers you a device that is supposed to lower your electricity bill by altering the intensity of the electric energy in your home. Thus, you would only be provided with enough energy for the appliances in your home. The scammers claim that you would get a return on investment in no time, as you would be saving up to 30% of your energy expenses. These devices are expensive and attaching any object to your wiring system may prove dangerous. So be cautious.

3 Things You Must Know About Solar Energy

You may not know it but the sun can produce energy for every single person on earth. That means the sun is heavily underutilized. People are simply reluctant to leave conventional sources of energy for solar panels. Fortunately, the wave is changing. This is after solar system experts have proven how convenient solar units are. They have backed their studies with references from countries and cities that are cleaner and greener simply because the said countries and cities have adopted and fully embraced use of solar energy. It is therefore safe to conclude with certainty that in the next 100 years, green house gas emissions will have reduced by a big margin, courtesy of solar energy. But that is not everything you need to know about use of solar energy. There are more interesting facts. Read on to find out.

More than enough energy

Planet earth receives more energy from the sun in 60 minutes than the whole world utilizes in one year. That is one astonishing fact people seem to overlook. That is simply a lot of energy. The sad reality however, is the fact that a big part of the world is still dependant on oil for transportation, heating and manufacture of goods. There is therefore a huge need and demand for solar panels in Bundaberg.

More people need energy

There won’t ever be a situation where the demand for energy will be fully met. This is yet another sad reality. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At least the story should not end this way. It starts with you. Install a solar system today. Then use word of mouth to reach out to anyone within your social circles on the benefits and perks that come along with solar energy. Like experts in the field often say, awareness starts with you.

It is possible to do away with bills

This is probably the sweetest thing anyone can ever tell you. It sounds like a myth but it isn’t. The only thing you will have to part away with in your bid to do away with electricity bills is solar power installation fees. You will however need a powerful system that can power up your appliances and light up your house. This is not expensive as many people often put it. There are way too many solar companies that offer the most advanced systems at discounted prices. All you need to do is take your time to shop for these systems. Learn a thing or two about them if you can. Then have them installed. You will have nothing to lose. As a matter of fact, you will have everything to gain.